Hi . Have you ever wondered what happened to your old car?...or your last car?...Would you like to find it?...or any of the cars you've owned?...Or are you curious about the history of your current car?...or contact the previous owner?

WheresMyCar.co.uk can help!! We built this site with the intention of helping reunite people with their old cars. We all have fond memories of our first cars, they may have been rust buckets at the time, but we loved them. Sometimes we had to sell them and didn't want to and would like the option of buying them back, or we might just be happy knowing that a project we started is being kept alive by another enthusiast.

We're trying to build a history of your car, but we need your help to do it.

Please keep this site running by adding details of all your cars and telling your friends to add their details too. That is the only way this site can work.

Had a Classic Car?

Like many of our members, a few of us here have owned classic cars in our time. Classic cars are often cherished due to the amount of work that have been put in to maintain them and enjoy them. It stands to reason then that if you had one and sold or replaced it with another then you're bound to have fond memories your previous one.

Our main goal when creating this site was to help people trace the history of such cars. So if you've had such a car, or still own it, please add details of it here and let people know that their previous pride and joy lives on.

Once you've added a record, you can access information about it direct from the DVLA via a simple link

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